Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Woah weeks fly by! My Thanksgiving weekend.

This is WAY LATE and I'm sorry I don't really have a good reason. It was Thanksgiving and my family celebrates in Maine (about 6 hours from me) and then I moved. And I'm sure you all understand that moving can knock your world off its axis. So I will catch you up as quickly as possible with the abridged version.

Thanksgiving - Maine
3 turkeys came to Thanksgiving!

Thursday am - 6 hour drive with 2 brothers. Arrived at 6am. Brother wears super small shirt to turkey day dinner, is refered to as "fat kid in a little shirt" for the rest of the weekend

"Fat Kid" in striped shirt trying to get
some turkey before everyone else!
Friday - Dad's omelet (jeeze I miss these!) - peppers, onion, blk olives, shrimp & goat cheese. Harry Potter movie (whatever)

Dad's Omelet, Saturday - He got fancy
Saturday - Dad's Omelet - I forget, it was good. Cousins baby shower (woo?!), NEWICKS & ELF, Home to upstate NY

A must stop every time we go to Maine/New Hampshire

A little bit of heaven on earth.
Fried clams and a lobster roll from Newick's.

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