Thursday, August 18, 2011


I know I screwed up again! I said I'd write each day this week and I didn't write yesterday. I'm sorry! But it's not my fault! See, Wednesdays are Center City Sips night in the summer here and yesterday was my friend Jane's last Sip, (She's moving to Wisconsin Saturday) so I had to meet her out...and one thing led to another...
So last night we started at Devil's Alley then to Raven Lounge then to Ladder 15 and finally to Jay's Sushi for some much needed food. So as you can see by the time I got home...I passed out. (and was late to work today!) What I remember from Jay's (we've been there plenty of times) is its good fresh sushi for a really great price.

Today I did get to have some of Valanni's deep fried oreo desert. It was good, of course. But not a great as I had hoped my first fried oreo would be...Its kinda an odd picture, and it doesn't look great, but it tasted good!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Reading Terminal Mar-YUM!

Today I didn't eat/make anything fabulous, so I will write about all we ate yesterday.
Nicole did go to Audrey Claire tonight, she said it was good, but didn't rave...I didn't go with her, so that's all I know.
Yesterday we stopped at RTM for produce for the week...ended up having lunch.
First, Hershels for a corned beef ruben. The bread was great and toasty, the meat was melt in your mouth soft, and salty with some fantastic sour cabbage and a great pickle I couldn't resist a bite or two before I remembered I should take a pic to share!
Hershel's corned beef ruben
After some 'window shopping' I spied Flying Monkey, I remember reading about their smores somewhere and convinced Nicole to share one with me.
Flying Monkey Smore
While it was awesome (are there bad smores?!) it was super messy, the chocolate was good enough (cold in the center), the marshmallow could have been toasted more (add that toasty flavor to the whole thing!), the 'graham cracker' wasn't cracker like at all, a soft taste less, brown patty. But like I said, are there really any bad smores...perhaps for $4, there are?

Monday, August 15, 2011


I feel quite terrible that I haven't kept up with this...
Life I guess just takes over. 
I'm going to try and make this a daily ritual, so this week I'm giving myself 15 minutes each day to write something...if it starts to become too 'dear diary' ish, I'll change it to every other day, but for this week, to try and create a habit of writing, I'm going to write something each night.

I don't know why I stopped writing in the first place. I was playing soccer and rugby and I suppose it just took up too much of my time. Then I felt bad about not writing and I didn't know where to start, and I was like no one reads this anyways. But I've realized that its pretty therapeutic for me to write, even if it is about my dinner! :)

I've reached my 15 minute limit tonight...
real quick: today we went to Hershel's Deli, Flying Monkey and Erwan. All were excellent!