Thursday, December 16, 2010

Nicole's Meals, aka. Masterpieces

Nicole really likes to pose and take pictures of the food she cooks. 
If you have any questions about recipes etc. email her at:

For breakfast one cold morning Nicole thought she'd introduce me to grits...they were surprisingly good. We put cheese in ours, but she explained that grits are kind of like tofu and take on whatever flavor you pair it with. They have a grainy cream of wheat texture. I'm actually craving them now!
Cheese grits with jalapenos.
 Salmon was on sale (YES!) so was asparagus, we got both and made a meal with a lemon butter sauce. We did it all in the oven...excellent. And BONUS very little clean up!
Lemon butter salmon with ww spaghetti and oven roasted asparagus.
 Not sure if you can tell in this photo, its pretty small, but dinner was ready at 3:30. :) We had turkey for weeks.
Thanksgiving turkey.
 Always wanted to cook with Quinoa. We got a healthy booklet in the mail with our Philadelphia Magazine this month, found a recipe in it for peppers stuffed with quinoa, perfect! We added ground turkey and had a super protein packed meal!
Pepper stuffed with Quinoa.

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