Thursday, December 16, 2010


We took a trip to NYC a few weeks ago.

We had an agenda: good bagels (we are still searching in Philly...any suggestions?), Broadway show, snack/wander, drinks, karaoke, and DO NOT, by any means, DO NOT miss the 1am bus back to Philly.

First things first, if you know us, you know we're planners (like you can't tell by our agenda) so the night before Nicole confirms she has our bus reservations on her phone. Check!
We're already all packed for the day so all we have to do is get up get dressed and get to the bus. We managed to do that well. When we get to the bus, we can't find the reservations we had pulled up the night before. As we're looking through the emails, the ticket taker says the bus is leaving, and we're like well we purchased seats, he's like you don't have tickets...and the bus drives away!
He tells us if we want to try to get on the bus that was just in front of us, we can take a cab to X (I don't remember) FUCKER!
Fine, in cab, still searching for email confirmation we just saw less than 12 hours ago...catch bus, bus drive MUCH nicer than ticket taker. He has to call the office to confirm our seats. There were 2 seats left on the it rocket science to figure out that you have 2 empty seats and there are 2 girls chasing a bus around town swearing that they purchased them a month ago!? Coincidence? Probably not.

ANYWAYS....beautiful ride (I still highly recommend taking the bus from Philly to NYC, just print your ticket), we get to NYC and take the subway downtown to Murray's Bagels. We get ww everything bagels, one with cream cheese, lox, and capers; and the other with whitefish and cuke. OMG YUM. The bagels were huge and warm and part of the awesomest, awesome ever.
OMG - Top
YUM - Bottom
Next stop Broadway!
We saw The Fantasticks. It was great. In a small theater, fantastic actors. Good story that made you think. We liked it.

Ok, now its 4pm, to early for dinner...snack time! We wander over to Bryant Park, super cute holiday shops and ice skating...but across the street is warm soup. Not just any soup, soup from The Original Soup Man! Great variety of soups, good bread. It was a great snack...or get a larger size for a meal.

At this point it was time to meet up with friends at Stout for drinks. Stout is a great European bar with 3 floors, lots of different beers on tap and they show rugby and soccer games on their 4 huge TV's over the bar! We usually start our nights at Stout when we go into Manhattan.

Next up, karaoke at Japas! This is one of our favorite karaoke bars in Manhattan because we can rent a room all to ourselves and it includes all you can drink/eat. We sang till our hearts content, said our goodbyes and made the 1am bus back to Philly. I'll write about the hangover I had the following day in another post. ;)

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