Thursday, December 23, 2010


Met a great friend for lunch today at 500 Degrees on Sansom.
Had heard a bunch about their burgers, so I dragged her along to check it out.
Wow its a closet with a griddle in it!
This tiny place with 3 tables create some of the GREASIEST burgers I've ever experienced. yuck. I'm still burping it up.
I ordered the #3, a classic burger with one topping (I chose Provolone cheese)
While I appreciate that they asked for a cooking temp when we ordered, its that much more frustrating when they don't even come close to cooking it correctly! I ordered my burger medium rare, and got a well done burger.
We waited 10-15 minutes for the burgers - too long for a fast food, burger join if you ask me.
The one minute the burger was in the bag was long enough for the grease to soak not only the burger wraper, but also the entire bag.
At first bite, all I taste is grease, and chewy meat. No cheese, in fact I didn't taste any cheese at any point. The fries were soggy. And thats pretty much how the entire burger tasted, chewy over cooked meat and grease.

Now the good parts (I always try to find something good!)
The single leaf of lettuce was green, and the slice of tomato was ripe.
The spicy fries were spicy. Not knock you off your chair spicy, but a nice spice.

I highly suggest you save yourself the
calories and eat somewhere else.

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