Thursday, December 16, 2010

Our final Long Island Long Islanders...

Nicole has been holding this post (and photos) hostage for almost a month.
And now being late is becoming a theme on this blog...I really need to stop that.

On our final trip to LI as LIers, we of course had to eat just about everything we loved there.

So our day started with Seaford Bagles.
They haven't changed the color of
the building in 50 years!
Their bagels, a great memory of childhood, are perfectly tough and chewy outside and soft and airy inside, just excellent. I always want to eat more than one, but never let myself, and we have lots more eating to do!

Best burger on LI
Next up, lunch at All American. Consistently voted best burger on LI. This place hasn't changed in years either. You can still get a cheese burger for $2. In the summer time the lines are out the door all day and you can almost always count on seeing at least one little league team there.

And of course a snack at our favorite diner. I don't think you can live on Long Island and not have a favorite diner. If you're ever on the south shore of LI, check out the South Bay Diner. Everything. Yes, everything is good!

And our final LI food stop was dinner at the one and only Momma's! The. Best. Pizza. If you're in the mood for gourmet pizza, this is it on Long Island. We had 3 slices; 1 with pesto shrimp, 1 with grilled veggies and 1 with rigatoni a la vodka. We devoured it before we could think to take a picture. Sorry!

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