Sunday, December 19, 2010


One rainy Sunday we decided to venture out to 5th & Bainbridge. Adsum.
In the small space with big windows, we sat and watched the rain fall.

Initial opinion was why am I sitting on such a cheap, thin, rickety chair, ordering an over priced beer?!

The food was good. Not everything I had hoped for, but definitely something I want to give a 2nd chance.

For our 1st time we had the SUPER poutine, of course. This was good, and I probably would have thought great, if that was all we had. But it was dinner time, and we needed a meal, so we ordered entrees; perogies, and the burger. Unfortunately both tasted like the poutine. I would have really liked a different taste (or even a different temperature) to cut through the rich, fatty - bacon like essence which covered everything.

Although we will go back and try different dishes, it will most likely be one at a time.

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