Thursday, December 30, 2010

We went to the Black Sheep Pub on 17th for the first time last night.
There are 3 floors, we spent time on the first floor and in the basement. (which didn't feel like a basement at all!)
There's a bar on both floors (I think the 3rd floor is just dining) and it has this great cozy, friendly, familiar feeling.

At the downstairs bar we ordered some snacks for the group: wings, sliders, garlic fries and potato and leek soup.
I was so surprised at how good the food was! I was expecting typical greasy bar food, but this was not!
The wings were saltier than they were spicy, so that was a disappointment. But the sliders, were great, good meat, not over cooked, sweet onions on potato rolls and they gave us regular fries with the sliders, which were good thin cut fries with the skins still on, brown and crispy.
The garlic fries were thick cut with skins on them and the garlic oil that covered them was great with chunks of garlic. It also came with a chipolte mayo dipping sauce, a perfect pairing.
I can't wait to go back and get these, they are the perfect pair with a good beer.

The potato leek soup was good, creamy, the sauteed leeks on top were fantastic. I wish the soup wasn't pureed so finely, I'd like some pieces of potato or leek and way less cream.

Overall, Black Sheep Pub has a great atmosphere and great food. Go with friends for a drink or with a casual date and get some food at a table by the fire place.

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