Wednesday, April 25, 2012

TGFSC - Days 2 & 3

I couldn't write about the food stamp challenge we're doing this week last night because I was busy baking my self silly.

Day 2
Again pretty easy. But I notice that I've gone from counting calories to counting cents. Its just as annoying and tiresome.

Our Menu for Day 2:
Yogurt ($1)
Cottage Cheese ($.5)
Chicken sandwich on WW bread with cheese, lettuce and tomato ($1.25)
Apple ($.17)
Chicken, broccoli rabe, mushrooms and onion with pasta ($1.67)
Our #foodstampchallenge dinner day 2

Peeps (2/$.016)

Total for the day: $4.58
$.42 cents left!!
This was great...seriously. I can't believe how cheap it was!

Day 3
Today was harder. We had some running around town to do and didn't have time to eat breakfast, so by noon we were both hungry and cranky, but knew we had another 2 hours until we could get home to eat sucked!
Another reason today was particularly difficult, a new restaurant opened up in our neighborhood and we had made plans to meet friends there prior to agreeing to this challenge. We decided to have some cottage cheese after the gym to hold us over while we met our friends and shared a drink. When they were ready to order dinner, we left.
I feel very privileged that I do not have to make these scarifies on a routine basis.

Our Menu for Day 3:
None :( $0
Chicken sandwich on WW bread with lettuce and tomato ($1)
Pretzle ($.12)
Summer Sangria from SoWe ($2.5)
Chicken, brussel sprouts, sweet potatoes ($1.34)
Total for the day: $4.96
$.04 left
Chicken, brussel sprouts and sweet potato for $1.34

Unfortunately, I'm still hungry today...damn that drink with friends! ;)

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