Sunday, April 22, 2012

Food Challenge Prep Work

We started by looking through all the circulars, and coupons in the Sunday paper. Based on what was on sale we created our menu for the week. Some things we were not willing to compromise on, our bread and yogurt.

We decided that we needed to have our daily greek yogurt, the amount of protein alone, just can't be beat;  And the bread we usually purchase is 1/2 the calories of other bread. With summer coming, we were not willing to compromise on this.

Already in our the fridge:
Bread - $4
4 Yogurts - $4
Broccoli Rabe - $.50
Sweet Potato - $1
Sweet Peppers (4) - $1
Onion (3) - $1
Brussel Sprouts - $1
Eggs - $1

This is what we purchased:
6 Greek style yogurts - $6
2 Cottage Cheese - on sale for 2/ $5
Coffee Creamer - on sale $2.50
Coffee - It was on sale and we had a coupon, $4.50
Chicken Breasts - on sale for $1.49/lb!, we bought 6 pounds for $8.95
6 Apples - $1
4 Tomatoes - $1

This is what we're thinking our daily menu will consist of:
  1 yogurt
  1 cottage cheese
  Possibly a hard boiled egg
  Rice or Pasta
  Veggies from the $1 rack

Last week we randomly picked up 2 cartons on Peeps left over from Easter for $.10/each making each one .008! A saving grace for my sweet tooth. :)

Tonight (Sunday) knowing that we had some produce and meat which would go bad if we did not eat it by next week, and knowing that because of the price of it we couldn't eat it during the challenge, we had a fabulous meal which cost $3.75 each.
Martin's chicken sausage with jalapeno & cilantro; homemade guac, refried black beans and grilled corn, sweet peppers and onions.

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