Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Pizzeria Stella

We've found more good pizza in Philly!
While this only makes a grand total of 2 pizzeria's in Phily which are good. (Slice & Stella) We're happy to keep searching!

Stella's had a $25 special the night we went, so we got to try 4 different pizzas & 2 different apps! Kristen our server, was fantastically pleasant, casual and helpful. By far one of the best servers we've had in this town.

We had the sheep's milk ricotta and the beet salad. Both were good. We love beet, the temperature difference between the ricotta and the bread was great, could have used a bit of salt or some kind of seasoning.

We had the Mushroom, Pancetta, Tartuffo, and San Daniele pizzas.
The Mushroom was good, lots of oregano, ham was slightly smokey, not salty at all.
The Pancetta was everyones #1 favorite, a lil' salty, a lil' bitter, it was well rounded goodness.
The Tartuffo, while providing table side entertainment (they break the yolk table side), was super rich, salty and basically overwhelming.
The San Daniele was basically a ham sandwich. It was crazy. While cool that it was pizza that tasted like a sandwich, there really wasn't anything else cool about it.

All that followed by gelato! 5 flavors to choose from...all were good! ;)

Great location, nice ambiance, we weren't sitting on top of the next table. It was a great all around dinner.

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