Tuesday, January 18, 2011


We went for restaurant week, which we were happy about, but the waitress (Alice) clearly wasn't.
The food was good, aside from our waitress, the service was great. The atmosphere, while a large room, it was quite boring and forgettable.
As soon as our waitress found out we were there for restaurant week, her tone completely changed and she pushed us to order immediately. Actually saying to us "lets go".
We started with a soup and a salad: The soup was a bit watered down, the salad was salty. Our main course was salmon and scallops, both were good. The dessert was a sampler of 3 items: a peanut butter cream thing, a tiramisu-ish gel thing, and a hazelnut thing. The hazelnut thing was amazing! The others...blech.
While it was nice to be eating in a big room (so many restaurants in center city cram you into tiny places), the entire experience was only OK. Probably won't be back.

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