Monday, November 8, 2010

Hooray for weekends!

This weekend was a great one! Let me start at the beginning...

9:00 am interview, 1 mile from our house. I take a cab, its about 10 minutes, WITH traffic. :D
I've been interviewing for about 8 months now, so I like to get these things out of the way early in the day.
10:30 am I'm extremely hopeful. Interview went great! I walk half way back home, but my interview heels, were not made for walking, I hop in a cab. Chat with Krystal about which referrals I'll send them.
3:00 pm After much deliberation (and phone calls with Krystal) they offer me the job! AND a raise! OMG. Is this really happening?! wow. I'm overwhelmed and extremely happy.
7:00 pm Chinese celebration dinner. Golden Empress Garden is ggooooddd :) Followed by drinks with friends at Bridget Foy's and a new bar we found on South called North. (lol, seriously.)

I was too excited to sleep...up at 3am watching 21Grams...that movie is all screwed up. Finally fell back to sleep around 7, but only for an hour. I'm tired all day.
Went to watch a friends hockey game at Penn, shopping at Target, home for a nap and then Avitar is on HBO?! Cool! Left over chinese, HBO, 2 cats and Nicole on the couch...sounds like a great night to me!

Slept 10 hours last night. Finally I'm rested, and grasping how my life will change with this new job.
Made mini muffins with the cranberries and apples we got from the CSA. Did laundry (5 loads!), Made real oatmeal, surprisingly yum! Watched the JETS pull off an amazing win, and met friends at Devil's Den for the Eagle's game...Didn't eat there, read way to many disappointing things about the food, but the selection of beer was impressive. Shared 5 different pumpkin beers! (Nicole was on call, so she wasn't allowed to have her own)

Hope yours was just as good! :)

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