Monday, November 1, 2010

Austin, TX!

This past weekend we traveled to Austin, TX for the D1 Playoffs. I've never been to Texas, so I was pretty excited to see some farms and cows and big hats! Turns out there's none of that in Austin. :(
Austin was a cute urban town, there seems to be a growing trend towards using local sustainable ingredients, and of course we found one of those trendy places to eat brunch (our only - and favorite - free time).
At 24diner we had the recommended egg sandwich and chicken & waffle with a side of veggie sausage. Now, although the veggie sausage tasted nothing like sausage, it was still good..along with everything else we had.
1/2 of the egg sandwich!

The egg sandwich was on a big Challah roll with local eggs, cheese and bacon! The chicken & waffle was...well I can't really say, being from the Northwest, I don't really know what its suppose to taste like and I was surprised that the waffle was was good, but not my thing.
All that was left of the chicken & waffle

We still had 1/2 hour after brunch so we went across the street to Whole Foods, walked around and were amazed by all the different fruits and vegetables they had! Persimmons, baby pineapples, cactus leaves, 8 different types of mushrooms and 10 different types of peas! Pretty cool how different parts of the country regularly enjoy produce I've never even heard of!

Full and entertained, we headed out to Burr Field for another beautiful 85 degree day of rugby.

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