Saturday, December 24, 2011

American Sardine Bar

ASB front door decorated for the holidays!
We checked this place out a few weeks after they opened, (12/16) hopping that whatever kinks had been worked out.
They were busy (but didn't look crazy), they didn't have an open table, so we sat at the bar.
It took one of the three bartenders so long to notice us (even with cash pushed out in front of us) that we forgot what we wanted to order and had to glance at the board for a reminder!

Ordering food was another wait after we got our drinks, even though we had told the bartender that we wanted to order, he told us we had to wait for the kitchen. Eventually we ordered the Krab Kake, brussel sprouts and onion rings. All of which we had heard rave reviews about!
1st disappointment
Soggy, greasy onion rings. Dripping grease. GROSS.
This problem is easily solved with higher heat and a minute to drain. So we will be trying them again because they had potential.
Saving grace - great spicy dipping sauce.
2nd disappointment
Soggy Brussel sprouts. Like mush, no integrity left to them. :( Again easily fixed. Will try again.
Saving grace - Good chilies mixed in. Really loved the idea

I wont list the Krab Kake as a disappointment, because, come on its fake crab, how great could it be?
But basically its a tuna fish sandwich on a fancy roll, except there's no real seafood in it. So why is it $12??! Will not be ordering this again. So I guess it should be listed as the 3rd disappointment!

Overall we still expect great things from this place. We're especially excited about a rotating menu.
We love the location and admire the balls these guys have to open up shop in this area...we hope they last!
Great beer prices.
Good start. Needs perfecting. Will be back.

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