Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Rancho la Puerta de los Caballitos

Found this post from May in my draft folder! The trip was amazing. The Ranch was out of this world...a million different exercise classes each day, fantastic food...I wish I had kept up with the blogging while we were there because now the memory is fuzzy. :(

Our 1st day in Mexico!
Woah its different from the states.
Everything is dusty.
The store fronts are small & most seem run down, but my aunt assures me, inside you find fantastic foods and crafts.
We get our visas, and stop by her home: "Ranchito de Mi Cabllios".
A beautiful wooden gate is slid aside to display a pebbled driveway which leads to a modest home.
This place is really about the horses. Along the drive way is a custom made fence with various apparatus for horses; areas to tie them to, rest their saddles, custom-made gates to walk through to pasture. There's even a specific bathing area for the horses tucked behind a small tack house.
As you pull up to the house you notice the dogs, 4 of them; Gabe, Sam, P and BC, and a cat, momma. They all run & jump & play together. BC & P have to be tied up; BC is a puppy & eats everything & P kills funny, she is one of the oldest members of this pack and can still catch & kill a chicken!
Momma is the leader of this pack & let's everyone know it. She does not play around with the dogs. She suns herself on a patio chair or on the car, but don't be fooled she's watching you & if you get too close or do something she doesn't like, she will definitely let you know!
So we meet all the animals & head inside to find our room & leave our bags.
Inside the house is all tile, keeps it nice & cool, there is large open, living room & kitchen area & off to your left is a hallway which leads back to two bedrooms and a bathroom. There are ceiling fans in each room to help circulate the cool air.
We drop our bags & head out for lunch. We stop at M and feast on Biera (a beef stew), Po (a pork stew with hominey), a beef torta & a taco.
They give you a condiment platter when you sit of chopped raw white onion, hot sauce, cilantro, Spanish oregano, chili flakes, & .
Everything was delicious! The Biera was deep in flavor, but had a very light broth. The sweet flavors of the cinnamon & nutmeg mixed with the meatyness of the beef & mild spicyness of the peppers creates this fantastically complex dance on your tastebuds. The poslito was salty with pork & hearty with hominey.

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