Monday, August 13, 2012

TGFSC - Day 5

Just to further enforce the fact that I'm a poor excuse for a blogger, I found this in my drafts folder, having never been published from APRIL! whoops!

Day 5! Woo!!
So it's Friday and again I didn't plan ahead, so I was starving and cranky at one point.

Today was abnormal, I volunteered at an event at Citizens Bank Park. They promised breakfast, but only provided 1/2 a Dunkin Donuts bagel for each person and coffee; I don't drink coffee. I knew the event wasn't going to last all day, and thought I'd be home by 1pm to eat lunch, but 1pm turned to 2pm and I was a cranky witch.

I rush out of the event...gotta meet the lock guy at the new house at 2...N left her phone at work, so I'm waiting (starving) in the new, empty, house with Bella and some guy who is trying to explain the different locks to me.

N was a life saver and came back with a $1.25 chicken sandwich. Happy girl! :) She also talked to the lock guy so I didn't have to.

Our Menu for Friday:
Breakfast: Cottage Cheese ($.50)
Lunch: chicken sandwich, ww bread, lettuce, tomato ($1.25)
We were invited to a BBQ and all we had to bring was a side dish!
So a $1.99 box of tabouli did the trick!
I added in a $.25 tomato, bringing our grand total for the day to: $3.99


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